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Garfield Terrace Resident Council is a 501c3 located in Washington D.C. at Garfield Terrace Senior serving 200+ disabled, veteran and senior residents


We are blessed to have an extraordinary intergenerational team of experts, innovators, engineers, artists, gardeners and carpenters that advocate tirelessly for a higher quality of life for all our residents. 


Over the past two years we have transformed the rooftop on Garfield Terrace into the first regenerative applied research rooftop garden in public housing built from sustainable and innovative vertical growing designs and methods, an aquaponics nursery, blue + green roof infrastructure, verminculture systems and a 30+ varieties of organic herb, vegetable and pollinators. 


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 Muhsin "Boe Luther" Umar - President

Virginia Johnson - Treasurer 

Deborah Thomas - Sergeant of Arms 

Wallace Kirby - Senior advisor  

Kendrick Jackson - My Seniors Keeper

Tawndalaya DaRoza - Cultivator of Life

Connell Wise - Compliance Manager

Natacia Knapper - Ward One Mutual Aide 

Charles "Chuck" Moran - Ward One Mutual Aide

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